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23 November 2030 @ 11:15 pm
Howdy y'all.

Cleaning up around here, re-reading mine and everyone else's fic from the golden days, and doing lots of editing/curating.

Pardon my dust. :3

Master list below. <3

Final Fantasy VII

Destination Three: Parts 1-5, 6-9
Pairing: Sephiroth/Cloud; some light Cloud/Tifa and Cloud/Aeris
Rating: NC-17 (Sex, abstract, non-linear)
Summary: After Meteor, Cloud responds to Sephiroth's call in various ways. Post-Advent Children


Come Around
Pairing: Gen., Walter K., OCs
Rating: G
Summary: Adult Walter meets his father, who tells him that he had attempted to look for him, and lives up to Walter's expectations as a war hero and such. For a prompt at the kinkmeme.

Hard Candy
Pairing: Dan/Laurie/Walter, OT3
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Laurie tries to quit smoking and fails; graphic OT3 sex ensues. For a prompt at the kinkmeme.

Middle Ground
Pairing: Gen., Mulatto Rorschach, Nite Owl II and Silk Spectre I/II.
Rating: R; violence, language and racial slurs.
Summary: Watchmen characters in each author's environment. This one is set in predominately black Houston during the 1970s, during a time when race wars still waged.

Pairing: Dan/Walter; dub-con
Rating: NC-17; dub-con
Summary: Dan has to get under that mask. For a prompt at the kinkmeme calling for "tattooed Rorschach."

What Merry Men Are We, Parts 1 and 2
Pairing: Gen.; Pvt. Kovacs.
Rating: PG-13; swearing and vague male nudity.
Summary: Walter Kovacs heads to basic training. Based off of findmyantidrug 's amazing Vietnam!AU story, All the Pale Nightmares.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Limit Me to Something More
Rating/Warnings: NC-17; incest, language, PWP
Pairing: Lore/Data/Wesley Crusher
Summary: "Let go of your inhibitions."

A Game (ficlet)
Pairing: Lore/Data
Rating/Warnings: R; (sex, incest)
Summary: Something I whipped up to combat writers' block before I found the cajones to write LMtSM. Just for fun.

Pairing: Data/Lore
Rating: R to NC-17 (incest, violence, bleakness, character deaths)
Summary: Series of vignettes centering around Data and Lore in control of the Enterprise.

Teach Me Something New (ficlet)
Pairing: Data/Lore
Rating: PG-13 (incest, AU-ish)
Summary: Data has a burning question which only his brother can answer.

10 Genres
Pairing: None/Multiple; Soong family centric (Data, Lore, Lal, Juliana, Noonien Soong)
Rating/Warnings: From G to R (incest, angst, humor)
Summary: 10 ficlets for ten different genres, all centered on the Soong androids.

Pairing: Lal/?
Rating: NC-17 (sex, incest)
Summary: Lal's recreational activities.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Julian's Body
Pairings/Characters: Crew/Julian Bashir
Rating/Warnings: R; disturbing imagery, insanity
Summary: Finally, Julian gets the attention he craves. Part of the "Julian Must Suffer" mini-series.

Lacerator (ficlet)
Pairing: Elim Garak/Julian Bashir
Rating/Warnings: R; sexuality, upsetting content, abuse, D/s
Summary: A ficlet I wrote inspired by an incident in Khaled Housseini's A Thousand Spendid Suns. A simple argument between the doctor and tailor escalates. Part of the "Julian Must Suffer" mini-series.

A Diversion
Pairing: Jem’Hadar squad/Julian Bashir,
Rating/Warnings: NC-17; dub-con, xenosex, gangbang slash, drugs, blood
Summary: The Jem’Hadar find more than one use for a stranded Starfleet doctor. Takes place during the episode "Hippocratic Oath." Part of the “Julian Must Suffer” mini-series.

Hold My Gaze
Pairing: Elim Garak/Julian Bashir
Rating/Warnings: NC-17; character death, angst, sex, necrophilia
Summary: Following a Dominion attack on the station, Garak has trouble locating the doctor. Part of the ‘Julian Must Suffer’ mini-series.

Got Your Back
Pairing: Sloan/Bashir, Garak/Bashir
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 (violence, drug use, gun fetishism, sleaziness, character death)
Summary: Julian is full of surprises. For prompt #11, Buffet Table 2 ("Got your back.") at fc_smorgasbord

Pairing: Kukalaka/teen!Julian
Rating/Warnings: Hard R (creepy, solo, cuteness, voyeuristic teddy bears)
Summary: A year after Julian discovers his dirty little secret, Kukalaka gives the bitter young man a reason to celebrate his sixteenth birthday.

Boy, Caustic
Pairing/Character: None; teen!Julian Bashir, Richard Bashir, Luther Sloan
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: [REDACTED]. Author chooses not to warn. See dark_fest rules on warnings. Will lift this after a few months.
Summary: Richard has a bone to pick with his son. He quickly realizes that he should have kept his mouth shut. For the dark_fest double-prompt: Any fandom, any characters, How can one so young be so evil? + Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Bashir and his parents, Sloan, Section 31 arranged for the genetic enhancements and now they want their property back.


Pairing: Erol/solo, Jak/solo, Erol/Jak.
Rating: R
Summary: Erol watches Jak.

Pairing: Erol/Jak
Rating: R; D/s, blood kink
Summary: Some surreal shit.

Old shit (Bandom, Nazis, etc...)
Honestly, if nobody ever saw these I would be a-o-fucking-kay, but here they are for posterity lolol

More Mudvayne slash than you could possibly ever want. (tag)
Massive Attack slash. (tag)

Let Me Pluck Your Crown to Pieces
Nazi incest slam poetry that I totally can't believe I wrote and performed. What's scarier? I kept getting rounds of applause.

I Made Your Death My Own
Uhh... some history slash between the child of a prominent Nazi and his father. What the hell was wrong with me.

hangover '43
Inspired by Amon Goeth.

Graphics resources.
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Very enlightening and beneficial to someone whose been out of the circuit for a long time.

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You were meant to blog. It has inspired me to start my own blog on barrie dentist

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I just thought you ought to know, I am in total love and agreement with your interpretation of Julian and would like to subscribe to your newsletter. And maybe write you ficlets.


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OMG BB THANK YOU SO MUCH! <3333 Your comment brightened up my Christmas :333

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WINNAR! And added back with a vengeance. And re: chatting and reading--dude, I have been sitting here trying to write Julian fic and failing like a boss, so any third-party excitement/ideas/encouragement I can get is SO FUCKING WELCOME for ever and ever.
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